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Muslim culture has always held a character of uniqueness and traditionalism. Weddings in Muslim culture are held under a special Muslim Personal Law. The marriage in Muslims is contract based and the law strictly demands that none of the two people should be forced into a marriage. The wedding or Nikah, as it is called in the culture, thus takes place in presence of a Maulvi who reads verses from the Quran and asks for the proposal (from the side of groom) and acceptance (from the bride's side). This ceremony called Ijab-e-Qubul. A typical Muslim wedding is celebrated with great grandeur over a period of five days and can be held at either the bride's or the groom's place or at some other place. There are a number of ceremonies held, which gives the families extensive time to entertain their guests.

Mehndi Decoration

Mehndi, is the most admirable and ethnic component for a bride which is applied on her hands and feet. Its an inevitable ceremony of every Indian Wedding. Various kinds of mehndi designs can be made depending on the occassion which extends its decorations to the armlets, bracelets, anklets and general designs on hands and feet.

Contemporary,sleeky designs are opted by the modern weddings. Kanya comforts you with stylish and contemporaric designs, yet simple which is not overdone.

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