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A Hindu wedding is thought to be the bringing together of two people who are said to be compatible. Hindus have many rituals that have evolved since traditional times and differ in many ways from the modern western wedding ceremony and also among the different regions, families, and castes. The Hindus attach a lot of importance to marriages, and the ceremonies are very colorful and extend for several days.

Mandap Decoration

Mandap Ceremony possess the utmost importance on the wedding day. This is because all the momentous ceremonies are performed during the mandap ceremony. Moreover this day makes most memorable and cherishful day in the couple's life, as this occassion is precious and once in our life. Traditionally, the wedding mandaps are decorated using kalashas (pots filled with water), garlands of mango leaves, coconuts, banana leaves etc. Modern mandaps use fabrics, lights, crystals, flowers, Wrought iron unique shapes and other materials insuring all religious aspects of a mandap, which include the four pillars and havan kund (fire box) now completely modernised by design.

Sangeet Decoration

Sangeet decorations varies according to the region, personal taste and budget. Concept to decorate venue of the celebration may differ from the uses of roses, orchids, lily that is floral decoartion to the use of western lightings. The cost of decorations depends on the hall and the decorations that are used. Well, these days youths prefer to use heart shaped balloons too, as they are really in demand these days. A small stage is also erected at the hall for the people to make the day fly with colors of extravaganza. The sangeet decorations are used in the best possible unique way to cherish the ceremony.

Sagan Decoration

The shower of blessings are immensified here. The Sagan decorations held either at groom's house or at banquet hall consists of havan performed by a pundit. Proceeding this,bride's father applies tilak (made of kesar,rice grains and flower petals) on the boys forehead. All the relatives and the friends from girl's side come forward to bless the groom, offer sweets and give cash/gifts to him. The bride ties her knot to a new family and gluttony showers. Pleasures of new ambience outsets on the occassion of Chunni Chadana,where the boy's parents and close relatives visits bride's house. The boy's or sister-in-law presents the bride a sari,usually of red color as its considered auspicious for wedding. The bride is dressed in sari given by the boy's family. Thereafter,the bride's future mother-in-law places a red chunni on her head and gives her jewelry. Following this is a ritual in which the bride is fed boiled rice and milk by all the relatives of the boy that are present at the time. The ceremony culminates when the prospective bride and groom exchange their rings.

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