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What we are

Blending the traditional values with the most modern hi-tech facilities we make your event a flamboyant one with all the needed panache and pizzazz for a mood of celebration.

We are based at Trichur, Kerala having a wide and deep network along the length and breadth of the nation. Our 10 years experience and expertise in the field will help you exploit the potentials of the field so as to receive a maximum benefit from what you spent. Even though traditional in concept at the base, we put in umpteen innovative ideas and concepts in the processing as we update ourselves from time to time.

Our Values and Methodology our team comprises creative, resourceful, passionate and energetic Professionals who help you achieve maximum result from your event. Our meticulous planning compiled with creativity and innovation and attention to the minute details with much expertise assure your event conference maximum promotion within your budget and timeline. While managing the corporate events management we make use of highly professional corporate ideas and concepts to make the event a grand success and thus maintain the niche in the event organizers of Kerala. Nexus Events Management possesses a repository of valid contact and media tie-ups that help you pick competent service providers and publicity tracks.

Clients and Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you for making everything look fantastic on our son's wedding day. The entire arrangement was amazing, and especially the Reception Stage was excellent. You and your team did a great job"
K. V. Ramesh Babu (Managing Director)
Kairali Resorts, New Delhi.

"My experience with Nexus Event Management was great. They are extremely responsive and provided very professional services of Corporate Event Management from my first contact. I would use them again given the need for the services they provide. Sooner or later we need you for our next meeting, the venue of which also you will have to find out"
Jiju (Dir - Emmanuel Silks)

Artist Management

As one of the most glamorous upcoming professions today, we undertake Celebrity management also as a part of our Event Management processing. When living in a celeb-obsessed society, it is very common in our society to have the presence of a celebrity to put more glamour into the event. We possess acquaintances with a lot of celebrities ranging from film stars, sports icons, and political leaders to talents of the domain. We make use of this acquaintance to enhance the degree of the event by bringing a crowd puller to the premises and maintain his/her routines from the beginning to the end of the event and even after the event to drop him/her at his/her destination.

Model Management

We connect fresh models and professional models with respective agencies to enhance their career graph to a maximum. By providing opportunities through our own events and outside shows, the models get very good exposure and thus can have their goal coming true. Besides, we make use of these models to give more color to our events through inter-linked services, which benefits both the model and the hosts at the best. As a part of wedding management also we do bring a model as a wedding celebrity according to the requirements of the client.

Our Services

  • Wedding Planners
  • Stage Shows
  • Entertainments & Music
  • Corporate Events
  • Audio Visual (AV) Requirements
  • Celebrity / Artist Management
  • National & International Events
  • Special Occasion Events
  • Sports Events
  • Branding

Wedding Management

Nexus Events Management makes wedding functions more memorable than in the albums and video slots. We make it eventful providing a joyous and colorful ambit to the hosts and the guests. Regardless of the religion and caste we carry out our best to make the ceremony a magnificent event. We are the ace event planners in the wedding management industry in Kerala.

We also organize reception ceremonies connected with the wedding or independently. If any add-ons like concerts or dance fetes are to be linked with the party we arrange for the same with all the pomp and glory as any colorful event has leaving zero resonance in the whole spectrum.

Stage decoration

Stage Decoration is a significant part of our management process. Stage Decoration gets emphasis on special occasions like Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Product Launches, Welcome Gathering, Party get together, personal get-togethers, Inauguration and like other than stage shows. Each event needs different stage settings with floral decorations and other types inclusive of the traditional and modern items such as Set Works, Crystals, rayon, tender coconut leaves, bamboo peels, coloring clothes, balloons etc. As a part of the work undertaken we carry out it with almost care and creativity.

Entertainment Shows

We conduct both Stage Shows as well as Fashion Shows. Stage Shows include those of the musical nights and comedy shows having a celebrity or non-celebrity group leading the show in the closed / open ambience. Product launches, Theme parties and Private meetings and get-togethers as a separate sector of the event organizing also cover in this segment.

Nexus Events Management also organizes Fashion Shows as another segment of the Stage Shows. Academically also it upholds a high note when the Fashion Technology students and Interior Designers prefer it to demonstrate the practical in a more colorful ambience with a tint of publicity as a part of the special events planning.


Nexus Events Management undertakes all kinds of event processing with logistic management techniques. As we are partnered with almost all the leading suppliers, entertainers and sub-contractors we organize events such as corporate or non-corporate and personal and private events that comprise Entertainment Shows, Award Ceremonies, Inaugurations and Launching ceremonies, all kinds of Trade Shows, Live concerts, Dealer Meets and Private Get-togethers. The event planning tools we make use of are the entire up-to-date mode of concepts and accordingly the event planning from our side will be of zero errors.

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