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"Kanya" means a daughter/your beautiful daughter/marriageable young lady. The word Finds its origin in Sanskrit mentioned in the vedas and upnishads and ancient epics.

Indian culture denotes family values where bonding and relations have great aesthetic values. These values influence our daily life. These values spread across the world. Kanya means a daughter. It is imperative for the parents as a social traditional responsibility to marry off their daughters to a suitable person upholding the very fragment of culture and civilization.

With a Grand vision to support this tradition Ms.Dhanya Pardeesh established Kanya- a wedding planner –company successfully. With years of experience in cross cultural, multi-religious events Nexus Presents "Kanya" –a wedding planner platform where all requisites of weddings are conducted to the your heart's content.

Hindu, Muslim, Christian, cross-cultural, multi-religious wedding are our core area of expertise. We request you to go through our site where you can see that we have taken care of all possible aspects of a wedding.

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