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Kanya Wedding Planners - Home Decoration

Home decorations and the ambience creates an apt style and mood for the wedding. Home decorations are based on the themes such as casual, romantic and sophisticated. For a traditional wedding, we adorn your home with colourful flowers like Ivy, Peonies, long petalled orchids, Hydrangea, Lilac, Tulips etc. Attach beads and other embellishments on all the upholstery and the ceiling. An array of colourful lights and candles along with silver and white balloon with ice sculpture makes the decorations outstanding. We use flowers like rose, orchids, tulips, porcelain bridal flowers, silk flowers. Mounting these flower strings on the wall or draping them around pillars and other objects all around your home make your home marvellous. The decorations can be extended to attractive and colourful carpets and rugs on the floor. Apart from this we decorates other areas of your home like aisles, chairs, tables, buffet tables and so on with colourful, scented flowers and candles.

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